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Trivia / Land of the Giants

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  • The Cast Show Off:
    • In "The Marionettes", both Heather Young and Kurt Kasznar got their chance to show off their singing talents. Kasznar was well-known for his roles in Broadway musicals (including The Sound of Music).
    • In "The Creed", Fitzhugh's knowledge of German comes in handy when our heroes need to read a book written on that language. German was the native language of Austrian-born Kurt Kasznar.
  • Hide Your Pregnancy: Before the character was written out for part of the second season, Betty was strategically positioned behind foliage and wore baggy clothing to conceal Heather Young's pregnancy.
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  • No Stunt Double: The show was one of the most physically demanding in TV history with its multitude of giant-sized sets and the stunts required to move around them, all of it done by the actors themselves.
  • You Look Familiar: Warren Stevens played two different characters in the show.