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  • Completely Different Title: The Chinese title is something like Orange Treasure Runs Fast.
  • Cowboy BeBop at His Computer: An official Chinese streaming service claims that this Indian show was made in America.
  • Late Export for You: Some countries didn't get this show until a couple years after its original Indian release.
  • No Export for You: Lamput has no blatant ties to its home country of India, the show's been popular in various foreign markets (such as Asia, Brazil, etc.), there's nothing to translate or dub, and episodes are very short so they don't need to dedicate a lot of air time to the show. Clearly, there's no good reason not to release this in America, but it hasn't aired there yet.
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  • Rereleased for Free: It was originally on the pay channel Cartoon Network before it was officially uploaded for free on YouTube.
  • Unfinished Dub: There's no need to "dub" the show, necessarily, but some countries still only got the first season and not the later seasons.
  • Video Source: For Flowers of Romance. In the video, Lamput morphs into a flower while he is held by Slim Doc, who is standing right next to a pretty woman. The woman thinks Slim Doc is offering the flower out of an affection for her and accepts the gift.

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