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Trivia / La Scoumoune

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  • Associated Composer: This was the fourth collaboration between director José Giovanni and composer François de Roubaix.
  • Role Reprise: Jean-Paul Belmondo reprises the role of Roberto from Un nommé La Rocca, albeit with "Borgo" instead of "La Rocca" as surname.
  • Self-Adaptation: José Giovanni wrote the original novel and directed its film adaptation.
  • Self Remake: The film is actually The Remake of the 1961 Jean Becker film Un nommé La Rocca, which already adapted the novel. Despite the fact Giovanni also wrote that 1961 film, he wasn't satisfied with it and decided to re-adapt it to the screen himself.
  • Write What You Know: José Giovanni was a criminal before he became a writer and filmmaker, and he also spent several years in prison for murder and gangsterism like Roberto.