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Trivia / L'eclisse

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  • Billing Displacement: Alain Delon has much less screen time than Monica Vitti, however, he is billed first.
  • Cast the Expert: Two stocks exchange scenes were made on the days when La borsa did not function. Antonioni reasonably cast brokers as brokers.
  • Completely Different Title: While in most European languages the word L'eclisse/The Eclipse is translated directly, often to the (borrowed) word of the same root, in German it became Liebe 62 ("Love 62") after the year the film came out (although it is set in 1961).
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  • Creator Couple: Monica Vitti was Antonioni's girlfriend during the shooting of this film.
  • Deleted Scene: The remaining scene of Vittoria and Anita's trip to Verona was deleted.
  • Edited for Syndication: US viewers were so disturbed by the silence in the last sequence that local distributors decided to cut out the last seven minutes so as not to disconcert them.
  • Executive Meddling: Producers suggested to cut out all the scenes set in Verona with the exception of Vittoria and Anita's arrival to the town because of the runtime concerns. Antonioni agreed.
  • Fake Nationality: Piero, an Italian broker, is played by French Alain Delon. Vittoria's ex Riccardo is played by Francisco Rabal, who's Spanish.
  • Word of God: Antonioni said that he believed this film to have a Happy Ending as the romance between Vittoria and Piero was senseless so they did good stopping it.