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  • Cowboy BeBop at His Computer: Half the reason of the show's seasonal recaps is to correct any errors in Nick's research, which is why he appreciates the comments section so much as they're often the first to discover them. One that several commentors have been quick to point out was his claim that the Hogwarts Express was played by The Jacobite, when in actuality its way played by the 5872 Olton Hall.
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  • Creator Breakdown: Season 2 took quite a toll on Nick, between the constant badgering to cover this-and-that theme, and the idea that LEGO Rewind would turn out to be his peak as a content creator. Season 3 was likewise plagued with the pressure to Wrap It Up before COPPA threatened to close down his comments section.
  • Creator's Favorite: If it wasn't clear enough, BIONICLE is Nick's all time favorite LEGO theme. His favorite System theme throughout LEGO Rewind was Legends of Chima, followed by Atlantis. Since then, it's become Monkie Kid.
  • Doing It for the Art: This is purely a work of passion for Nick, hence why he doesn't intend to cover every last LEGO theme under the sun; if he doesn't have any insight of his own, he might as well have been reciting Brickipedia articles.
  • Newbie Boom: Before LEGO Rewind, Nick had a modest 7,000 subscriber count, mostly from his video on Battle Angel Alita. By the end, it exceeded 30,000.
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  • Old Shame: Nick's opinion on LEGO Mars Mission has softened considerably since he first rewound the theme, and it's naturally the episode he wishes to remake the most.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Simply put, the series was never initially meant to last as long as it did The first four episodes were the only ones planned from the get-go, as a means to test the waters. Even with positive reception, his original plan was to make 20 episodes before continuing with 30 and finally settling on 40.
    • The Western episode was originally going to be about the subject outdated cultural depictions, including the Mayincatec natives from LEGO Pirates and the ninjas from... Ninja. Likewise, Nick's follow-up on the finished episode was going to be included in the Season 2 recap, but the script was simply too long.
    • Nick originally planned to launch a Patreon page with the LEGO Vikings episode, but he wanted his YouTube videos to remain a hobby rather than his primary output, and thought that doing so would push that boundary too far. His Schedule Slip throughout 2020 is what convinced him to go through with it.

BGM sources:

Ice Planet 2002

Life on Mars/Mars Mission

Rock Raiders/Power Miners



  • "Aztec 2-Step" — Gex 2
  • "The Pre-History Channel" — Gex 2
  • "Towering Temple" — Gex 2
  • "Kung-Fu Theatre" — Gex 2


Alpha Team

April Fools Special





Season 1 Finale







Halloween Special

Knights' Kingdom



Girl Themes

Space Police

Seatron (and everything else)

Hero Factory

Lego Island Xtreme Stunts


Time Cruisers

Harry Potter/Star Wars


Legends of Chima



Dank Themes

  • "Rezopolis" — Gex 2
  • "Main Menu" — Gex 2
  • "Rez" — Gex 2
  • "In Drag Net" — Gex 2
  • "Circuit Central" — Gex 2
  • "Toon TV" — Gex 2
  • "Rezopolis 2" — Gex 2


The Brick (Vintage Lego)

The Penultimate Episode


2020 Special

Lego Rewind REWIND (April Fools Special)

The Last Lego Space Theme

The Ultra Agents Comic


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