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  • Urban Legend of Zelda: The supposed "Truck Driver" cheat. Numerous cheat code websites would claim that if you make a character named "Truck Driver" and beat Rocket Racer with him, you'd unlock a super secret car. It's been confirmed false from numerous sources, and in fact doesn't even make sense because it doesn't follow the same syntax of the other cheats in the game (None of the real cheats have any vowels or spaces in them).
  • What Could Have Been: The first game was originally going to have the mechanic of pieces falling off the car every time you crashed, something that wouldn't appear until the sequel.
    • The second game would have featured Professor Ignatius Voltage from the LEGOLAND game as your guide, instead of Sparky. His textures can still be found in the game files, Dummied Out. Interestingly, Professor Voltage is the grandfather of Veronica Voltage from the first LEGO Racers, which would have been an interesting Call-Back if only he had appeared in the final product.
    • According to a Lego Racers 2 developer, Frankie Solido and Baron Rosso (two background racers whose names aren't even given in game and can only be found by looking into the game's files) were supposed to be bosses in Sandy Bay but were thrown haphazardly into the background due to poor communication with the designers. Captain Geoff, who only appears in the bonus minigame and the GBA version, was also supposed to be an NPC there.


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