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Trivia / Kung Fu Hustle

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  • Actor Allusion: Landlord standing in the middle of a yin-yang symbol is not just a nod to Taoism and its connection to Landlord's taiji, but to Yuen Wah's martial arts specialty, the Eight Trigrams stance. It's basically the method of keeping your steps within an octagon on the floor, or the Eight Trigrams symbol, traditionally represented with a taijutu in the hub.
  • Dawson Casting: Sing and the mute girl are supposed to be about the same age, but Stephen Chow is clearly much older than her, and could charitably be chalked up as Beauty = Goodness while Sing's lifestyle has been harder on him.
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  • Development Hell: Apparently what's happening to the sequel.
  • Production Posse: At least three of Stephen Chow's co-stars from Shaolin Soccer are in this movie. Averted with Stephen's best known partner-in-crime Ng Man Tat (Fung in Shaolin Soccer), who's been absent from Chow's movies starting from this one.
  • Typecasting: Coolie's actor, Shi Yanneng, would go on to play another Kicking Master in the 2014 Donnie Yen film Kung Fu Jungle. His character doesn't fare much better there, either.


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