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  • California Doubling: Averted, since it's set in California. However, Seaview Circle is based on Crystalaire Place, a real cul-de-sac in the Granada Hills area of Los Angeles. Knots Landing is depicted as being near a beach. Granada Hills is actually on the north side of the San Fernando Valley, 25 road miles from the nearest beach. If you look for Crystalaire Place in a map program, you'll see almost the exact same houses there, just like if you look for Southfork in Dallas.
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  • Fake Irish: An in-universe example. Although it was hinted in several episodes soon after his introduction in Season Nine that Johnny Rourke wasn't really Irish, this was not confirmed until the Season Ten episode "Deserted". When Johnny, Michael, Paige and several Mexicans are trapped in a deserted truck in rapidly increasing temperatures, Michael notices that Johnny has dropped his (painfully fake) Irish accent. Johnny replies that he is too tired to make the effort. He explains that he was about to commit a robbery in Belfast when he happened across an IRA cell. He adopted an Irish accent, told them that he was a nationalist and immediately started working for them, an explanation which is almost as unconvincing as his accent. He met Paige in Dublin some time after that.
  • In Memoriam:
    • The Season Twelve episode "An American Hero" was dedicated to the memory of Steve Shaw. Clips of him from throughout his eleven years on the series were shown while his on-screen mother Michele Lee sang "Look at that Face".
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    • The Season Twelve finale "Play, Pause, Search, Part Two" dedicated that entire season to the memory of the series' co-producer Lawrence Kasha.
    • The Season Fourteen premiere "Found and Lost" was dedicated to the memory of Larry Riley.
  • I Want You to Meet an Old Friend of Mine: In all but his first Knots Landing appearance as J.R., Larry Hagman was reunited with his The Good Life co-star Donna Mills (Abby). They played a married couple, Albert and Jane Miller, in The Good Life and in-laws in Knots Landing as Abby later married J.R.'s brother Gary.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: Only the first two seasons have seen official DVD release. Every episode of Seasons Three to Fourteen is now available online, through different sources and in varying quality, if you look very, very hard.
  • Market-Based Title: The French title of the series, Côte Ouest, translates as "West Coast".
  • The Other Darrin:
    • A minor example. Allan Miller played Laura's flirtatious boss Scooter Warren in two episodes of Season Two before being replaced by John Considine in the later second season episode "More Than Friends". The Original Darrin Allan Miller returned to the role in five episodes of Season Three, meaning that he was presumably just unavailable during the filming of "More Than Friends". Miller and Considine do vaguely resemble each other but the switch and switch back of actors was made more obvious by the fact that Miller was clean shaven while Considine had a moustache.
    • The same thing happened with Abby and Gary's corporate lawyer James Westmont. Clayton Landey played Westmont in seven episodes of the fourth season while Joseph Hacker played him for the only time, presumably because Landey was unavailable, in the fifth season premiere "The People vs. Gary Ewing". Landey returned to the role for another seventeen episodes, remaining with the series until the middle of the sixth season. This change of actor was much more noticeable than the Scooter Warren example as Landey and Hacker don't look the least bit alike.
  • Playing Against Type: Considering that Donna Mills had become known for playing victims for much of the 1970s, her being cast as the manipulative Abby certainly qualifies.
  • Real-Life Relative:
    • Joshua Devane plays the younger version of his father William Devane's character Greg Sumner in nine episodes from 1986 to 1990.
    • Constance McCashin's husband Sam Weisman played David Souther, a client of Laura's who wanted to have an affair with her, in the Season Two episode "A State of Mind".
    • Constance McCashin and Sam Weisman's son Daniel Weisman played Laura's son Daniel Avery in several episodes of Seasons Seven and Eight. This is rather appropriate considering Laura's pregnancy with the fictional Daniel in Seasons Three and Four was as a result of Constance McCashin's pregnancy with the real Daniel in 1981/2.
  • Similarly Named Works:
    • The Season Twelve premiere "Return Engagment" in which Gary and Valene decided to get married for the third time has an extremely similar title to the Dallas Season Three episode "Return Engagements", the Poorly Disguised Pilot for Knots Landing in which they got married for the second time.
    • There are four pairs of unrelated episodes with the same titles:
      • Season Three's "Reunion" in 1982 and Season Eight's "Reunion" in 1986. (The Dallas Season Two two-part premiere in which Gary and Valene made their first appearance was also named "Reunion".)
      • Season Three's "Letting Go" in 1982 and Season Thirteen's "Letting Go" in 1992.
      • Season Five's "A Change of Heart" in 1983 and Season Seven's "A Change of Heart" in 1986.
      • Season Five's "Denials" in 1983 and Season Thirteen's "Denials" in 1992.
  • You Look Familiar:
    • Lisa Hartman played a singer named Ciji Dunne who gets killed but the actress came back the next year as Cathy Geary.
    • Joseph Hacker played Chip Todson, a PR man for Ewing Oil based in California who previously had a brief affair with Laura, in the Season One episode "Community Spirit" in 1980 and James Westmont, Gary's lawyer, in the Season Five premiere "The People vs. Gary Ewing" in 1983.
    • To viewers of both Dallas and Knots Landing
      • Priscilla Pointer played Beatrice Handleman in the Knots Landing Season One episode "The Constant Companion" and was later cast as Cliff and Pam's mother Rebecca Wentworth in Dallas.
      • Don Starr played the oil man Jordan Lee in Dallas from 1978 to 1990, appearing in all but the first season. Early in his Dallas run, he played Judge Murphy in the Knots Landing second season premiere "Hitchhike".
      • Similarly, Tom Fuccello played Donna's stepson Senator Dave Culver in Dallas from 1979 to 1991 and appeared as a different character in a Knots Landing episode early in his Dallas run. He played Ed Kroft, another politician, in the Season Two episode "Kristin".
      • Barry Jenner played Abby's ex-husband Jeff Cunningham in Knots Landing Seasons Two and Three and later played Dr. Jerry Kenderson, Mark Graison's best friend and Sue Ellen's Dream Season lover, in Dallas Seasons Seven to Nine.
      • The Other Darrin David Ackroyd, who played Gary in his first appearance in the Dallas second season two-part premiere "Reunion", played Bill Medford in the Knots Landing episode "Mistaken Motives". He even shares a scene with his successor Ted Shackelford at one point. Ackroyd reportedly turned down the opportunity to reprise his role as Gary as he did not want to do a series. Considering Shackelford got 14 years of work out of Knots Landing, you have to wonder if Ackroyd regretted that decision.
      • Allan Miller played Scooter Warren in Knots Landing Seasons Two and Three from 1980 to 1982 and later played Frederick Hoskins, the assistant district attorney who prosecutes Jenna for the murder of her first husband Renaldo Marchetta, in Dallas Season Eight in 1985.
      • Bert Remsen played Jackson Mobley, a con artist who tries to hustle Lilimae as he believes that she is rich due to her Texas Ewing in-laws, in the Knots Landing Season Three episode "The Rose and the Briar" in 1982 and later played Harrison "Dandy" Dandridge, an old wildcatter who reminds Cliff of his daddy Digger Barnes and whom he briefly worries may be a con artist, in Dallas Season Eleven in 1987.
      • K. Callan played Ciji's mother Mrs. Dunne in the Knots Landing Season Four episode "The Fatal Blow" in 1983 and later played April and Michelle's mother Amy Stevens in four episodes of Dallas Season Thirteen in 1990.
      • Laurence Haddon played Franklin Horner, an executive at the Cattlemen's Bank with whom the Texas Ewings often did business, in Dallas Seasons Four to Seven, Nine and Ten from 1981 to 1986 and Dr. Mitch Ackerman, the doctor involved in the kidnapping of Valene's babies, in Knots Landing Season Six from 1984 to 1985, which probably accounts for Horner's absence in the contemporaneous eighth season of Dallas.
      • Jonathan Goldsmith, later the Most Interesting Man in the World, played the drug kingpin Joe Smith in three episodes of Dallas Season Five in 1982 and the sleazy film producer Bruce Harvey in Dallas Season Ten from 1986 to 1987 and again in Season Twelve in 1989. In the interim, he played the Empire Valley construction foreman Frank Elliot, who unlike his two Dallas characters is a nice man, in five episodes of Knots Landing Season Seven in 1985.
      • Jenny Gago played Gary and Abby's maid Maria in Knots Landing Seasons Five to Seven from 1984 to 1986. She also played Bobby's nurse in four episodes of Dallas Season Eight in 1984 (several months after her first two Knots Landing appearances) and the CIA admin worker Henrietta in three episodes of Dallas Season Ten in 1987.
      • Robert Ackerman played the oil baron Wade Luce in Dallas Seasons Two to Six from 1978 to 1982 and a police officer named Bobby in the Knots Landing Season Eleven episode "Perfect Couples" in 1989.
      • Liam Sullivan played Judge William Packer in the Dallas Season Five episode "Little Boy Lost" in 1981 and the Season Ten episode "War and Peace" in 1987 and Mark Allen in the two-part Season Thirteen finale "Three, Three, Three" in 1990. In the interim, he played Robert Willis (who was only seen from behind until Stuart Whitman was cast in the role) in four episodes of Knots Landing Season Eleven earlier in 1990.
      • Richard Herd played the private investigator John Mackey in three episodes of Dallas Season Four in 1981 and Dr. Aaron Stahl in the Knots Landing Season Eleven episodes "Oh, Brother" and "Road Trip" in 1990.
      • Howard Duff played Greg Sumner's father Paul Galveston in ten episodes of Knots Landing Season Six in 1985 and later returned as Galveston's ghost / a figment of Greg's imagination in the Season Eleven episode "My Bullet" in 1990. In the interim, he played the long-serving Senator Henry Harrison O'Dell in the Dallas Season Eleven episodes "Never Say Never" and "Last of the Good Guys" in 1988. You have to wonder if Greg noticed the resemblance during his brief tenure in the Senate.
      • Zane Lasky played Bob Phillips, a junior vice president at the Sumner Group, in Knots Landing Seasons Ten to Twelve from 1989 to 1991 and Donia, one of J.R.'s fellow inmates in the sanitarium, in Dallas Seasons Thirteen and Fourteen in 1990. This marked the only time that an actor played two different characters simultaneously in Dallas and Knots Landing. On four occasions, he appeared in episodes of the two series on consecutive nights: the Knots Landing episode "The Fan Club" on May 10, 1990 and the Dallas episode "Three, Three, Three, Part Two" on May 11, 1990, the Knots Landing episode "You Can Call Me Nick" on November 1, 1990 and the Dallas episode "April in Paris" on November 2, 1990, the Knots Landing episode "Do Not Attempt to Remove" on November 8, 1990 and the Dallas episode "Charade" on November 9, 1990 and the Knots Landing episode "The Best Laid Plans" on November 15, 1990 and the Dallas episode "One Last Kiss" on November 16, 1990.

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