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Trivia / Knack

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  • Dueling Games:
    • The first game duelled with Super Mario 3D World, which was released just before this game. To the surprise of many, Knack actually outsold 3D World up until around Christmas 2013, though quickly faded after that, while 3D World managed a much longer period of sustained sales.
    • The second game duelled with Super Mario Odyssey... and this time got its ass handed to it, going largely unnoticed in the middle of a sea of higher-profile games, while Super Mario Odyssey ended up being one of the most acclaimed games of all-time and completely eclipsing Knack II in sales.
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  • Name's the Same: Doctor Vargas' name is identical to a minor antagonist of Final Fantasy VI and one of Threat Matrix's protagonists.
  • Real Song Theme Tune:
    • Knack shares The Heavy's "How You Like Me Now?" as its credits tune with Borderlands 2.
    • The trailer for Knack 2 uses Junior Senior's "Move Your Feet", and another uses "Little Willy" by Sweet. The end credits of Knack II uses "Cantaloop (Flip Fantasia)" by US3.
  • What Could Have Been: The game was initially conceptualized as a Crash Bandicoot game, but it never saw the light of day in that form thanks to Activision still holding the rights to the franchise. Rather than abandon the project outright, Sony retooled it into a game with a somewhat similar structure.


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