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Trivia / Klasky-Csupo

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  • He Also Did: While the studio was getting off the ground, Gábor Csupó did the artwork for Frank Zappa's The Lost Episodes. Csupo is a professed Zappa fan, his records being one of his few possessions he could smuggle out of Hungary and how he was able to teach himself English.
  • Meme Acknowledgement: The Klasky-Csupo panel during San Diego Comic Con 2012 included a short animation of Splat (the character from the infamous "scary logo") complaining about his unfortunate reputation.
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  • No Budget: Many of their recent pitch pilots were clearly made on much smaller budgets than their Nickelodeon work. Their short-lived web series RoboSplaat in particular was noted for its crude production values.
  • Production Posse: Frequently used Sunwoo Entertainment and its' divisions (Anivision and Grimsaem) to outsource their animation for their shows and films.

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