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Trivia / Kitty Pryde

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  • Big Name Fan: One of Joss Whedon's favorite characters.
  • What Could Have Been: John Byrne had an idea about Wolverine killing Kitty that was never used. "The definitive Wolverine sequence is he's sitting at the breakfast table, eating a bowl of cereal, and Kitty comes in and says, "Hi!" in exactly the wrong tone of voice, and Cyclops comes in, and there's Wolverine eating his breakfast cereal, and Kitty lying on the floor disemboweled."
    • According to Claremont on the 100th episode of "Jay and Miles X-Plain the X-Men," his romantic endgame for Kitty was that she'd end up with Rachel Summers.
    • According to showrunners of the 90's X-Men cartoon, Kitty was actually the first choice for the "kid" character, but having already been used in the failed 1989 Pryde of the X-Men pilotnote , executives said no, so Jubilee was used instead.


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