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  • Fan Nickname: One that persists across the whole series. In the English-speaking fandom, characters that regenerate large amounts of CP either with area-of-effect Crafts with a Gladiator Headband/Belt or have Crafts that grant CP to the party are affectionately known as CP Batteries.
  • Invisible Advertising: A major problem that is facing the series, second to No Export for You. Outside of Japan in which it's one of the biggest well-known game series, the series suffers from little to no recognition of existence in the global gaming community despite being over a decade old. Being constantly overshadowed by other JRPG series like Final Fantasy and Shin Megami Tensei: Persona really isn't helping. It's very difficult to get support if no one knows you even exist.
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  • No Export for You: While Falcom is on record stating that they'd like to see the Crossbell games marketed outside of Japan, it's never been economically feasible: Due to the enormous amount of text in these games, translating them is time-consuming and expensive, and since the Crossbell games are console only and each version has invariably only been released towards the end of the supporting console's expected lifespan, by the time the games would be ready to sell, the market would be fading, making the effort very financially risky for any localization company.
  • Throw It In!: According to Word of God, characters in the in-game books weren't actually supposed to appear in later games themselves. An example would be Ein, the 1st Dominion herself as she was supposed to be someone very different (appearing as Toval's partner). In fact, Kondo claims that whoever gets newly hired as a writer in their staff would write the in-game books and just have it as a fictional character. It was only when Ein existed that the trend started to happen where the books are actually a fictional cover up for the real person in-game.
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  • The Wiki Rule: The Legend of Heroes Wiki and the Kiseki Wiki.

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