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Trivia / Kisaki

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  • Dye Hard: Usually, he has black , pink and red hair similar to hide's, but he has also had his hair dyed purple, brown, blonde and orange, among others.
  • The Pete Best: Kisaki is this to Dir en grey, and every other band he has worked with since.
  • What Could Have Been: He is a highly proficient bass player, being able to player faster, heavier and more complex basslines than current Dir en grey bassist Toshiya (who can only come close in some songs). But had he allowed the band to debut early, he would have, alongside the band, acquired the attention of Yoshiki Hayashi, brought to the forefront of the VK scene, and had a more stable musical career. He would have become very popular among the international metal scene as a bass virtuoso. Sadly, he didn't.
    • He is also known as one of the few modern VK artists who still showcase the Visual Shock style; had he established a more stable and more successful musical career, he could have revived and popularized the classic image and attitude that 1980s - late 1990s bands were known for.

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