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Trivia / Kiniro Mosaic

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  • No Dub for You: Mainly because the heavy amount of English jokes would be next to impossible to localize.
  • Fan Nickname:
    • Karen's is "Brit-chan" due to her trademark Union Jack blazer.
    • For Chinese speakers Shinobu is known as Uncle Shinobu, owing to her occasional Dirty Old Man-ish outbursts of Race Fetish.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • The author mentioned in the first volume's dustflap that she originally wanted a New Transfer Student from a fantasy world rather than a foreign country. Which is a good news, as that concept is already somewhat of a dead horse.
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    • The work's editor wrote in the art book that originally Shinobu was intended to be a boy who had a better grasp of English than she does.
    • After turning Shinobu's original gender from a boy to a girl, it was mentioned that her original name was Kanako.
    • The original names for Alice, Aya and Youko were going to be Molly, Yama and Mao respectively. Prototype!Aya and Youko were going to be from abroad.
    • Karen was designed after the original 4 girls. She was originally going to be called Erika. Her hair wasn't going to be as long and she lacked her signature hairstyle.

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