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  • Name's the Same: For several songs:
    • "Beautiful": There's the Christina Aguilera one from 4, the Mariah Carey one from 25, and the Bazzi one from 39.
    • "Burn": Usher's 2004 smash was on 6, and Ellie Goulding's was on 25 as a bonus track.
    • "Friends": The Justin Bieber song was on 37 as a bonus track, while Marshmello’s made it on the next album.
    • "Happy": Ashanti's second solo hit appeared on 3 and the Pharrell Williams smash was on 26.
    • "Hello": The 2011 EDM hit by Martin Solveig was part of 20. The lead single to Adele's "25" was on 31.
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    • "Higher": Creed's hit song was on the mail-order version of 2, while Taio Cruz's 2011 song was a bonus track on 20.
    • "Let Me Love You": Mario’s song was on 8, Ne-Yo's was on 23, and DJ Snake and Justin Bieber's was on 34.
    • "The Middle": Jimmy Eat World's Signature Song was on the mail-order version of 3 and store-bought version of 4. Zedd's collaboration with Maren Morris was on 38.
    • "Perfect": the Simple Plan hit was on 5, P!nk’s was on 20, and Ed Sheeran’s was on 37.
    • "Photograph": The lead single of Nickelback's "All The Right Reasons" was on 9, while the Ed Sheeran song was on 30.
    • "Replay": The Iyaz song from 2009 was on 17 while the Zendaya song from 2014 was a bonus track on 26.
    • "See You Again": Miley Cyrus's Breakthrough Hit was on 14, the megahit from the Furious 7 Soundtrack appeared on 29.
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    • "Sing": My Chemical Romance's was on the 20 bonus tracks, while Ed Sheeran's was on 26.
    • "Sorry": Buckcherry's only crossover hit was on 14 and Justin Bieber's second #1 was on 31.
    • "Stay": Rihanna's song from 2013 was on 24 as a bonus track, Zedd's hit with Alessia Cara was on 35.
    • "SOS": The Rihanna song from 2006 appeared on 10, while the The Jonas Brothers song from 2007 appeared on 13.
    • "Sugar": Maroon 5's 2015 hit appeared on 29 and the Robin Schulz dance track was on 32 as a bonus track.
  • What Could Have Been: "Dance, Dance" by Fall Out Boy was to be featured on Kidz Bop 10 but bassist Pete Wentz prevented it due to the song's sexual undertones. Oddly enough, Fall Out Boy didn't object to one of Kidz Bop's imitators covering "Thnks fr th Mmrs" which is arguably even less age-appropriate.


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