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Trivia / Kidnapped

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Adaptations of the novel in general:

  • Fake Scot: Very few of the actors to play Alan and David are actually Scottish.
    • 1917: Raymond McKee (American) as David.
    • 1938: Freddie Bartholomew (English-American) as David and Warner Baxter (American) as Alan.
    • 1948: Roddy McDowall (American) as David and Dan O'Herlihy (Irish) as Alan.
    • 1960: James MacArthur (American) as David and Peter Finch (Australian) as Alan.
    • 1971: Michael Caine (English) as Alan.
    • 1995: Armand Assante (American) as Alan.

The 1960 film:


The 1971 film:

The 1995 film:

The series:

  • The Danza: Otto is played by Otto Sanchez.
  • Dueling Shows: Vanished had a similar sounding premise (though the shows were different) and aired at the same time on a different network. Neither of them survived beyond a half season, even though both of them weren't really set up as shows that could go on beyond a single season.
  • Fake American: Linus Roache as Agent Archer.
  • What Could Have Been: It's quite apparent watching the finale that end conclusion isn't what was intended and clearly just quickly put together resolution for the series.