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Trivia / Kid vs. Kat

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  • Acting for Two: Phoebe and Fiona are voiced by the same actress in the Polish dub, although since she uses different tones for each of them, it's not as jarring. They also share a voice actress in the Spanish dub.
  • Author's Saving Throw: Season 2 fixed many of the issues people had with season one. Coop's Butt-Monkey status was toned down while giving him some victories over Kat, the supporting characters became much more likeable and active (and some of The Scrappy characters weren't as dislikable compared to Season 1), Coop's new ally and love interest Fiona added more variety to the show and the writing overall improved.
  • No Export for You: the home video releases are only available in Latin America with no English option.
  • Screwed by the Network: When the show aired around Summer of 2011, most of the series reruns as well as new episodes were only be seen between around 4-5am, where the targeted demographics are mostly asleep, The show's remaining episodes for Season 2 have been deathslotted to both a 6:00 am and 6:30 am timeslot on Disney XD in the US as of July 11th, 2011. Two episodes at once, even. Just like Jimmy Two-Shoes, it may have something to do with its ratings... or because of Disney XD doing the unusual way of how they treated shows that aren't the homegrown types.
  • Word of God:
    • When asked about why Ms. Burtonburger was never seen, Rob Boutilier responded that he always wanted to have Burt being more involved with the kids, and thus decided the best way to do that was to not have Coop and Millie's mother there at all, but that personally, he always saw Burt as a widower.
    • Boutilier also revealed that Coop became friends with Kat after the events of the series.
    • Boutilier also revealed that the show is meant to pay homage to classical cartoons such as Tom and Jerry.
  • Working Title: Look What My Sister Dragged In