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  • All-Star Cast: The Japanese, English and Latin American Spanish dubs are notorious for having many well-known voice actors in their respective casts. This is especially notorious in the Japanese and Latin American cases, as many of their voice actors are long-time veterans from basically all the time periods of their countries, some of them even dating back from the 1960s.
  • Fan Nickname:
    • "Beard God" and "Beard Chad" for Gensai.
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    • "Simp Sausuke" for Rei.
    • Any variation of "Monkey" or "Ape" for Yumigahama
    • Markiplier for Joruta
    • "Ceo of Racism" for Hayami Katsumasa
  • Playing Against Type:
  • Real-Life Relative: To a very ridiculous level in the Latin American Spanish dub:
    • Mario Castañeda (Mokichi Robinson) and his children Arturo (Robinson's young self) and Carla (Sayaka Katahara).
    • Jose Luis Orozco (Katsumasa Hayami) and his son Alejandro (Gaolang Wongsawat).
    • Víctor Ugarte (Suekichi Kaneda) and his uncle Eduardo Fonseca (Gen Shikano).
    • Arturo Mercado (Kunihiro Yumeno) and his son Arturo Mercado Jr (Masami Nezu).
    • Blas Garcia (Yoshinari Karo) and his nephew Leonardo (Hollis Kure).
  • Relationship Voice Actor:
    • Unsurprisingly enough, many of the Latin American Spanish dub cast also worked in the dub of Baki the Grappler's 2018 TV series:
      • Carlos Segundo (Kazuo Yamashita) voiced Yujiro Hanma.
      • Enrique Cervantes (Juzo Magatani) voiced Doppo Orochi.
      • José Gilberto Vilchis (Keizaburo Sawada) voiced Sikorsky.
      • Dafnis Fernandez (Takayuki Chiba) voiced Jack Hanma.
      • Santos Alberto (Hideki Nogi) voiced Dorian.
      • Alejandro Orozco (Gaolang Wongsawat) voiced Kureha Shinogi.
      • Eduardo Fonseca (Gen Shikano) voiced Kaoru Hanayama.
      • Jesse Conde (Akio Kono) voiced Kunimatsu.
      • Roberto Mendiola (Horio Kure) voiced Ryuuko Yanagi.
      • Oscar Flores (Niko Tokita) voiced Tateoka.
      • Gerardo Reyero (Agito Kanoh) voiced Morio Sonoda
      • Blas Garcia (Yoshinari Karo) voiced Kaku Kaioh
      • Humberto Vélez (Kirimi Takakaze) voiced the hospital director
      • Armando Coria (Tadashi Iida) voiced Biscuit Oliva
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    • The same goes for the European Spanish dub:
      • Néstor Moreno (Ohma Tokita and Yaku) voiced Sikorsky.
      • Juan Enrique Palacios Fernández (Cosmo Imai) voiced Tsuneo Katahira.
      • Miguel Ángel Muro (Hideki Nogi) voiced Bart Allen and Speck.
      • Antonio Cremades (Ivan) voiced Doyle.
      • Luis Miguel Cajal (Ken Ooya) voiced Harashima.
    • In the same way, the Latin American Spanish dub also reunites many alumni from Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness:
      • Alfredo Gabriel Basurto (Ohma Tokita) voiced Po.
      • Erica Edwards (Tomari Togo) voiced Master Tigress.
      • Mario Castañeda (Mokichi Robinson) voiced Tong Fo.
      • Jorge Ornelas (Gozo Murobuchi) voiced Kwan.
      • Jesse Conde (Akio Kono) voiced Qilin.
      • Angelica Villa (Kokomi Yoshizawa) voiced Ming.
      • Irwin Daayán (Ryo Himuro) voiced one of the Yaoguai twins.
      • Oscar Flores (Niko Tokita) voiced Yang.
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    • Also, some alumni from the Latin American Spanish dubs of the Toy Story franchise also works here:
      • Carlos Segundo (Kazuo Yamashita) voiced Woody in the first two films, while Arturo Mercado Jr (Masami Nezu) also voiced him in the last two films and related material.
      • Jesse Conde (Akio Kono) voiced Mr. Potato Head.
      • Arturo Mercado (Kunihiro Yumeno) voiced Hamm.
      • Jose Luis Orozco (Katsumasa Hayami) voiced Buzz Lightyear.
      • Carlos del Campo (Masahiko Oota) voiced Slinky Dog.
      • José Gilberto Vilchis (Keizaburo Sawada) voiced Ken and Rex in Toy Story 4.
      • Humberto Vélez (Kirimi Takakaze) voiced Chuckles.
      • Arturo Castañeda (young Mokichi Robinson) voiced Forky.
      • Oscar Flores (Niko Tokita) voiced Ducky.
      • Santos Alberto (Hideki Nogi) voiced Combat Carl.
      • Herman Lopez (Erio Kure) voiced Al McWhiggin.
    • Death Stranding also shared some voice cast:
      • Alfredo Gabriel Basurto (Ohma Tokita) voiced Sam Bridges.
      • Carlos Segundo (Kazuo Yamashita) voiced Cliff.
      • Gerardo Reyero (Agito Kanoh) voiced Die-Hardman.
      • Gerardo Alonso (Raian Kure) voiced Jake Wind.
      • Dan Osorio (Jun Sekibayashi) voiced William Lake.
      • Luis Daniel Ramírez (Haruo Kono) voiced The Engineer.
    • A cross-language version of this happens between the original Japanese and the Latin American Spanish dub, as Gaolang Wongsawat's voice actors (Kenjiro Tsuda and Alejandro Orozco, respectively) are also their respective dub voices of Kylo Ren.
  • What Could Have Been: The character that would eventualy become Muteba was originaly designed as a stoic Russian systema practitioner and mercenary. However, during development, the creators felt there were too many characters out there that fit into that specific mold, so they decided to go with the Congolese sex-and-death-machine he is today due to African characters being more of a rarity in manga.

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