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  • Hypothetical Casting:
    • In a now deleted twitter Q&A with Kelly Thompson (the writer of the Hawkeye: Kate Bishop solo series) listed the actresses she would most like to play Kate Bishop in a hypothetical movie as either: if the she was being portrayed as a teenager in a tonally-serious film: Summer Bishil or Camila Mendes (best known as Veronica in Riverdale); but, if the film were to star a slightly older Kate with a more comedic tone either Aubrey Plaza or Alison Brie.
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    • Disney is really wanting to get Hailee Steinfeld cast as Kate for Hawkeye's upcoming Disney+ series set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But since she couldn't find a way to fit it into her schedule at the time combined with a few other series moving forward like Ms. Marvel moving the start date of its production and She-Hulk & Moon Knight beginning casting, this has presumably caused some trouble.

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