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  • Acclaimed Flop: 1988's In the Spirit of Things was the follow up to their 1986 "comeback" album Power, but it was met with poor commercial reception.note  This is mainly due to the fact that their record label at the time (MCA Records) dropped support for many of the classic rock acts on the label for the latest pop stars at the time like Tiffany. However, many fans and the band themselves consider it to be one of their strongest post-70s work.
  • Black Sheep Hit: "Dust in the Wind" is not particularly indicative of their style (it's the first and one of the only all-acoustic songs they've ever done), nor is "Carry On Wayward Son" (mostly because of lack of violins.) Kerry Livgren originally didn't want the former to be released due to its depressing lyrics, and the latter was a last minute addition to Leftoverture.
    • Their 1985 hit "All I Wanted" is a slick produced power ballad and was quite different compared to what Kansas did before. There are violins on the song, but it's emulated with a synthesizer instead. It was also their last Top 40 hit (charting at #19).
  • Cut Song:
    • "Perfect Lover" was cut from later releases of The Best of Kansas. Considering it never actually appeared on any albums and was exclusive to the earlier releases of The Best of Kansas, no one really misses it.
    • "Closet Chronicles" was cut from the CD release of Two For The Show due to space limitations. The song later appeared on later releases of The Best of Kansas, and later still in the updated release of Two For The Show (among many other songs).
  • Limited Special Collector's Ultimate Edition: A box set with multiple discs (and much more music) has been released (though it's also available via digital distribution such as iTunes and Google Play Music).
  • Promoted Fanboy: John Elefante, who cited Steve Walsh, the man he was brought in to replace, as his inspiration.
  • Similarly Named Works: "The Wall" is unrelated to the Pink Floyd album (though they do share similar themes and one line).


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