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Trivia / Kamichu!

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  • The Raifuku shrine is actually based on two real-life shrines in Onomichi: the shrine building itself is from Ushitora-jinja, while the stairs and surroundings are based on Misode-tenmanguu.
  • Yurie's home is based on a house on the mainland, so in reality she wouldn't have needed to use the ferry to get to school.
  • The bench the four girls sit on in the title page picture is real. It offers a nice view of Onomichi's port and the bridge.
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  • The depicted junior high school is based on the Tsuchido elementary school in Onomichi.
  • The city that Miko and Shoukichi escape to in the second unaired episode (eleventh in the overall chronology) is Fukuyama, as indicated by its position to the east of Onomichi on the prefecture map, several shots of the Fukuyama Castle and, most notably, the statue in front of Fukuyama station. The playground where they wind up after dark still exists to this day and can be found on the castle grounds.
  • Actor Allusion - Arguably, at least in the English adaptation. Yashima, voiced by Yuri Lowenthal, who is also the voice of teenage Ben10, is a major fanboy of a certain god musician named Benten. Coincidence?
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  • Portmanteau Series Nickname - The full name is Kami-chu! ~Kamisama de Chugakusei~, i.e. "The Goddess, A Middle-School Girl"

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