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Trivia / Kamen Rider Agito

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General Trivia:

  • The titular rider (and by extension, Gills and Another Agito) is one of four primary Kamen Riders in the entire series (and the only Heisei Rider) whose powers are not directly related to the monsters fought in this seriesnote  - while the Lords were created by the Overlord of Darkness in response to his brother, the Overlord of Light, giving humanity the Seeds of Agito so that humans could become more powerful than his brother, the Lords themselves do not use the Seeds of Agito as the source of their power. This makes Agito an abnormality on the Cross of Fire.

Trope Related Trivia:

  • Milestone Celebration: This series was made during Kamen Rider's 30th anniversary and contain homages to past Kamen Rider Series. Some of the monsters are based on old villain's, and you can make the case the lead riders themselves are based on previous Kamen Riders. It also homages the Metal Heroes series which Kamen Rider took the place of and incorporated some concepts.
  • Older Than They Think: While Tackle's status as a Kamen Rider continues to be debated upon, Femme is not the first female to be shown transforming into an undeniable Kamen Rider form, and Shuki isn't the first female Rider either on TV. Both of those honors go to Yukina Sawaki, Shouichi's older sister and the first Agito, who is even shown in a flashback to (unwillingly and painfully) transform into Agito Ground Form. While she did not become an active Rider like her brother or her more well known successors did, this is still an undeniable case of the first female Kamen Rider, at least within the Heisei Era
  • Prop Recycling:
    • The same lower face mask is used by most of the Lords. Other parts like the gloves and chestpieces can occasionally be seen repainted and reused, especially on the mammal-based Lords.
    • The V1 System is composed of Solbraver's helmet, Jiban's body (With G3-X's chestplates, just so it's not too obvious), Tryjacket legs, and a BM-01 Dictator for a gun. All painted metallic silver. Whether he is a Kamen Rider or a Metal Hero is still debated when this series comes up.
  • Real Life Writes the Plot: The reason Gills hasn't been seen much since Agito endednote  is because the opening "jaw" on the helmet broke from overuse and Toei is apparently unwilling to repair a costume for a character whose story is already over.
    • For years there were rumors that the Gills and Another Agito suits were destroyed by water damage due to a leak in the Toei warehouse, but Kino's appearance in Kamen Rider Ex Aid Kamen Sentai Gorider seems to have put that rumor to rest.
  • Retroactive Recognition: A relatively new Kamen Rider writer by the name of Yasuko Kobayashi wrote episode 28 of this series. In a rare case of the recognition being immediate, she was immediately hired to write the next series.
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  • Star-Making Role: The is Seiji Takaiwa's aka Mr. Kamen Rider's first stint as a Suit Actor for Kamen Rider. Until he relinquished the role in Zero-One, he's played EVERY single primary Rider except for Hibiki, with over 18 Heisei Riders under his belt (or rather their belts).
  • What Could Have Been:
    • As noted on the main page, Agito was originally intended to be a sequel to Kamen Rider Kuuga, but the writers of the latter series objected, stating that doing so would have made Godai's battles meaningless.
    • Agito was actually originally planned on being the final Kamen Rider series. Then the 9/11 terrorist attacks in the United States occured, and it was decided that kids needed a show to teach them justice, so these plans were scrappednote .


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