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Trivia / K. A. Applegate

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  • Approval of God: She's been very supportive of Animorphs fandom. Except the artwork of Tobias doing it with Harry Potter.
  • Creator Couple: With Michael Grant in Animorphs, Everworld, Remnants, Making Out, and Eve and Adam.
  • Dear Negative Reader: She wrote a letter to the Animorphs fans who didn't like the ending. Even if you think the ending was bad, you have to admit that the letter was pretty fucking awesome.
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  • Genre Adultery: She commits it all over the place. A little-known fact is that Animorphs wasn't her debut - she wrote YA realistic romance novels before that, making Animorphs, a sci-fi series, different in every way possible. Then, after Remnants, she started working on more literary works; none of them are at all similar to her late '90's, early '00's series. Then she committed adultery on that genre when she co-wrote Eve and Adam with her husband. And that's not even mentioning her chapter books for beginner readers. Basically, she's a really, really versatile writer who has no one single genre.
  • He Also Did: Applegate was a ghostwriter for Sweet Valley Twins, a Spin-Off of Sweet Valley High, before she started writing her own books.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: This is what she wants Animorphs fans to do.
  • Old Shame: Back in The Nineties, she wrote Barf-O-Rama, which is exactly what it sounds like based on the name: disgusting books built around barf scenes. For obvious reasons, it was done under a pseudonym.
    • Really, anything she did before Animorphs. And even then, she didn't like the endings of Everworld and Remnants any more than her fans did.

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