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Trivia / Justice League: Cry for Justice

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  • Executive Meddling: Originally, the title was going to be an ongoing series, published alongside (and potentially even replacing) the Justice League of America series, that would have examined the concept of proactive heroes and the issues of morally gray actions in a morally gray world. However, the series was shortened to a seven-issue limited, and though the characters did mention conflicting viewpoints with regards to "justice", the series never had a chance to thoroughly examine all the present implications.

    Evidence suggests that this is to blame for a lot of the deaths that have riled up fans so much. James Robinson has stated that he was instructed to kill off Lian Harper AND Mia Dearden and Mia was only saved after he protested. Furthermore, in the Robinson-penned Congorilla/Starman one-shot, the entire point of the issue was to bring back one of the characters he unceremoniously killed off-panel in Cry for Justice.
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  • Fan Nickname: Gay for Justice due to the lettering of the cover page and the heroes constantly screaming for "justice".
  • What Could Have Been: Batwoman was initially touted as one of the main characters, and was heavily featured in promotional material for the book and even got a spot on the first cover. When the book was shortened and turned into a mini-series thanks to a decision from the higher-ups, Batwoman's appearances in the title were regulated to scattered cameos and a brief supporting role in the fifth issue. The writer later apologized for performing an unintentional Bait-and-Switch on fans of the character.


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