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Trivia / Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths

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  • Divorced Installment: Originally meant to fit into the DC Animated Universe canon between Justice League and Justice League Unlimited before it was repackaged as a mainstream DC Universe animated movie.
  • Name's the Same: Superman's Evil Counterpart has nothing to do with those giant silver guys who save Tokyo from Kaiju attacks.
  • Playing Against Type: Looking at their later roles, the idea of Brian Bloom playing a villain and Jonathan Adams playing a hero seems farfetched.
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  • Role Reprise:
    • In the French dubnote , several voice actors from other adaptations reprised their roles here:
      • From the DC Animated Universe: Emmanuel Jacomy as Superman/Clark Kent.
      • From The Batman: Adrien Antoine as Batman/Bruce Wayne. Averted in the case of Flash. While Christophe Lemoine has voiced several animated incarnations of both Barry Allen (ever since The Batman) and Jay Garrick, this is the first and so far only time where he got to do the voice of Wally West.
      • From Superman/Batman: Apocalypse: In addition to Superman and Batman, Delphine Braillon as Wonder Woman/Diana Prince.
      • From Batman: The Brave and the Bold: In addition to Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman, Philippe Peythieu as Martian Manhunter/J’onn J’onzz, Michel Vigné as Aquaman, Barbara Beretta as Black Canary and Paolo Domingo as Firestorm/Jason Rusch.
      • From Young Justice: In addition to Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Martian Manhunter, Aquaman, and Black Canary, Paul Borne as Lex Luthor.
      • From Green Lantern: Pierre Tessier as Green Lantern/Hal Jordan.
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    • In the Latin-American Spanish dub, pretty much every actor from the Justice League dub reprised their roles. The closest to an exception was Héctor Indriago instead of Framk Maneiro as Batman, and that's because Indriago began voicing Bruce from The Batman onwards.
  • What Could Have Been
    • The film was originally titled Worlds Collide and would've taken place in the DCAU, bridging the gap between Justice League and Justice League Unlimited. The DCAU links and the story's chronological placement are still very obvious in the finished film note 
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    • The extended League members that defend the Watchtower in the climax were supposed to be heroes that Batman had already met in his own series, likely Zatanna, Etrigan, and the Creeper, who were members of the League.
    • The casting of the movie contains two, according to interviews with Bruce Timm. According to one interview, James Woods was set to be in the DCAU version before it got pulled, though it's unclear who he was going to play (Timm said he'd still been Owlman, but Andrea Romano, Dwayne McDuffie and Wood himself believe he was going to play the good Luthor). According to another, Vanessa Marshall, who voiced Wonder Woman for the film, was in the running of the role in Justice League and came close, but the producers picked Susan Eisenberg instead for the series.


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