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Trivia / Just My Luck

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  • California Doubling: Parts of the film were shot in New Orleans before Hurricane Katrina, at which point they relocated shooting to New York City where the film's set in. The scene with McFly performing live was also shot at a concert center in England, standing in for Times Square. They even had actual McFly fans in the crowd while shooting that scene.
  • Deleted Scene:
    • You get the feeling that McFly had a lot more scenes shot than what ended up in the movie. Particularly because Danny points to Jake's cousin Katie during their concert, but they're never shown interacting at all in the movie. Katie also seems like she had a greater significance in the original script than in the finished film, since she keeps popping up, but serves no actual purpose. She seems like she was supposed to be moral support for the guys, but we never get any lines from her to indicate that.
    • Also, Ashley's friend, Maggie, is shown to have a song she wants to get recorded, but the most we get about this is her playing her acoustic guitar and singing for a second at the beginning of a previous scene. There must've been another scene establishing that further, since she's never shown being a music writer at any other point of the movie.
    • There's a deleted scene where Ashley finds out her credit card got declined at a sushi restaurant.
    • There's a deleted scene where Jake and Ashley are at a bank after their lucks get switched where Ashley is trying to get money and Jake deposits a check he got after he got McFly signed.
    • There's another scene where Ashley snuck back into her job's building after she got fired to find out who the dancers at the ball were with the help of Maggie, who does mail delivery there. This scene was most likely cut because it feels like filler, since you'd assume otherwise that her friends could've gotten the list without her being there in the finished film, which is what's implied.
  • Looping Lines: More scenes than you'd think for a low budget Rom Com have lines obviously dubbed over the footage, even when it's clear the lines were different when they shot them, and most of the time very poorly mixed into the audio.
  • Romance on the Set: Speculated by tabloids to have happened between Harry and Lohan, which then inspired McFly's song 'Please, Please.'
  • Star-Derailing Role:
    • This movie was meant to continue a transition for Lohan becoming an A-lister, coming off the success of Mean Girls after a strong child-star career. However, word began to spread of the movie's production issues due to Lohan's well-publicized issues with drugs and partying; coupled with the critical and commercial failure of this movie and culminating in 2007's I Know Who Killed Me, her success quickly eroded from this point forward.
    • Averted with Chris Pine as the film's failure didn't hurt his career at all. It helps that a lot of otherwise negative reviews praised his performance. It also helps that this was one of his early films and he was able to bounce back with Star Trek (2009) 3 years later.
    • Was meant to be a Star-Making Role for McFly to promote them to American audiences. The fact that they didn't really break into the American mainstream and this film's lousy critical reception shows that it didn't work, unfortunately.