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Trivia / Junji Ito

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  • No Export for You: Ito's works have been extremely slow in receiving official English translations, to the point where most of his fans have already read all of his stories through online fan translations long before they were adapted for an overseas audience officially, and still, many of his short stories and his shorter series have yet to be released for international audiences. Ever since acquiring the rights to his big three works, company Viz Media seems determined to end the problem, seemingly striving to translate everything he's done eventually.
  • What Could Have Been: The Shiver collection features author commentary and development notes that show some early ideas in the stories.
    • In "Shiver", the doctor would have been invisible to anybody not afflicted by the jade curse, and it seems the protagonist would have been more aggressive.
    • In "Fashion Model", Fuchi would have been more verbal and eloquent, her manager would appear and be just as strange, and Fuchi would have been killed after being run over by the protagonists' car.
    • In "Hanging Blimp", the image of a balloon with a hanging body attached was originally going to be a sureal opener, some harbinger of an event, before Ito realized he didn't know where to go from there and that perhaps it could be the focus instead. The bodies were also animate and violent despite being dead, and the people wouldn't have realized they were dead bodies until a blimp crashed to the ground. The blimps would have been agressive only at night, too, and it seems a design with multiple strings/cables (more like a hot air balloon) was considered.
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    • "The Long Dream" may have been more philosophical in regard to souls, death, and medical ethics, and the patient would have committed suicide, whereupon the crystals would be found in an autopsy. Afterward, the doctor would have taken the crystals and have long dreams (an idea used in the film adaptation) and a new patient would recieve the substance under the doctor's recommendation.
    • "Honored Ancestors" might have featured a doctor and operation for adding to the family chain, and the son would either be cut off from the chain by a door slamming or torn apart by a car from chasing Risa outside.
    • "Greased" might have been about a whole town or society affected by oil, rather than just a restaurant (though this features in Yui's nightmares).

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