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  • Approval of God: Jreg absolutely loves the fan art his show about personified ideologies get and even shows them off on his channel.
  • Fan Nickname: Anarkiddy for Anarchist Left.
  • He Also Did: Guevara is also a spoken-word poet, which he has a separate channel for.
  • Rule 34 – Creator Reactions: Parodied relentlessly in Please Stop Sexualizing Me. note 
  • Shrug of God: In line with the show's anti-centrism and for comic effect, this is the only way Jreg appears capable of his expressing his thoughts on anything relating to it.
    • Especially of note is his "I am a [viewpoint]" series of videos. They are all completely minimalist (no musical numbers, no outlandish costumes, nothing), and they're all presented as earnest videos where he just straightforwardly talks about his viewpoints and the evolution thereof. However, they all present mutually-exclusive viewpoints from one another, from claiming to actually be a centrist, to a progressive, to a Marxist-Leninist, to an identitarian, to a libertarian, to just an anti-centrist.
  • Trolling Creator: Practically the poster boy of this trope at this point. He uploaded 6 videos within an hour proclaiming that he was 6 contradictory political ideologies in a completely earnest tone, made his discord server publicly accessible for anyone on the internet which effectively turned it into a warzone, made a very serious video about how unsure he is about the future of the channel, and released a video a week later stating he's going to quit Youtube, only to upload another video an hour later stating he's just suddenly changed his mind and then guilt trips the audience because of how tired he is of making videos. A few months after the discord dilemma, he made a livestream where he singlehandedly "purged" individual members of his server, before deleting it altogether.
    • When, practically over night, Jreg blocked an entire subcommunity of fans shitposting on Twitter, it became a meme, however when a few weeks later several fanartists who had been dedicating their time to making Centricide fan conent and had never gone out of their way to harass Jreg were also blocked, the fandom found that he'd taken things too far. When asked about it, Jreg explained that he simply wanted to distance himself from other people's reinterpretation of his work as to not copy their ideas, and that he'd done it because internet fame was slowly becoming too much for him to handle.
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    • Jreg also uploaded a video claiming he was stopping the Centricide series before it was completed...only to reveal in the final minute of the video that this was all just a set up to drop the trailer for the final installment.

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