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  • The Danza: Nick, Joe, Kevin and Frankie, though their surname is changed from Jonas to Lucas.
  • Development Hell: The series had a tortured background leading up to the premiere. Originally, the concept was for the group to be a front for secret agents in a "Hannah Montana meets Kim Possible"-type setup. For unknown reasons, that premise was dropped in favor of a standard Kid Com/Dom Com.
  • Dueling Works: With Big Time Rush, another sitcom centered around the wacky antics of a boy band being heavily promoted by their respective networks.
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  • Dyeing for Your Art: Chelsea Kane, who dyes her hair blonde to play Stella. Knowledge In-Universe in one episode where Macy's newspaper describes her as a "fake blonde".
  • Executive Meddling: Aside from Cut Short and Screwed by the Network, executive meddling is supposedly the reason it was changed from its original premise as spies posing as a band to what it ended up being.
  • Reality Subtext: Around the time the last few episodes of Jonas L.A. was being written (and filmed), Nick Jonas was working on his side project and Kevin had recently been married, so there were tons of rumors about the band breaking up and the brothers having a falling-out, rumors which show up after Nick meets with Montra and Joe gets the offer for the second movie. (Might also double as a Take That, Audience!, considering the emphasis on how they would never really break up or fall out with each other.)
    • Harsher in Hindsight: These episodes (plus the joke in "Complete Repeat" about not worrying if they have to cancel a tour and an album) become much harder to watch after they really did break up due to Creative Differences in 2013 (although they did not fall out with each other and eventually reformed six years later).
  • Screwed by the Network: Eventually rectified. Its original time slot was Saturday at 8:00 p.m., right up against competition ranging from iCarly's "iDate a Bad Boy" special and a thrilling Chicago Bulls-Boston Celtics NBA playoff series; but after seeing the show get hammered, Disney Channel had it more to their standard Sunday night slot.
  • What Could Have Been: The show was originally pitched as J.O.N.A.S. (Junior Operatives Networking As Spies), a Kid Com where the Jonas Brothers played spies posing as a band, the character of Stella was a teenage reporter trying to find out the band's secrets and an evil dentist was the villain. Stills from the pilot can be seen here, and a clip from that premise was seen in a New Year's Day preview of upcoming Disney Channel shows for 2009.

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