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Trivia / JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders

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  • Actor Allusion: An English example: Derek Stephen Prince uses a Brooklyn accent when voicing Iggy. This isn't the first time he used a Brooklyn accent.
    • Also in the English dub, Jotaro (voiced by Matt Mercer) says to DIO that if this were the Wild West, the hero would say, "It's high noon," the infamous catchphrase of Mercer's Overwatch character Jesse McCree.
  • Adaptation First: The OVA adaptation of the part was actually released first in America, its 13 episodes being sold as early as 2003 but the manga proper wouldn't be translated until 2005.
  • Beam Me Up, Scotty!:
    • Apart from in a fan-made Flash video (and M.U.G.E.N), Dio does not yell "WRYYYYY!" right after dropping the steamroller on Jotaro, not even in the arcade game the video was based on. While he does yell "WRYYYYY!" during the final battle, it's not at this part.
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    • Via Memetic Mutation, everybody "knows" Dio's phrase is "Toki wo tomare" (Time stands still). Only via reading the original manga (or setting your system's language to Japanese for the PSN/X360 version) or even studying basic Japanese grammar do you find out it's actually supposed to be, "Toki yo tomare"; an imperative (giving a command) phrase - more like, "Time! Stand still!" - rather than an indicative (speaking in reference to something through an objective statement) one.
  • Breakthrough Hit: It was Stardust Crusaders that launched both Araki's career and the franchise into the stratosphere.
  • Career Resurrection: Alongside Free!, Kakyoin helped Daisuke Hirakawa become more popular with anime fans after he got a lot of heat for voicing the infamous Makoto Itou.
  • Colbert Bump:
    • Heritage for the Future was the earliest example of this for the series in the West. It wasn't as widespread as later examples but seeing as how many people outside of Japan hadn't heard of JJBA before the game's international release it did increase interest to say the least.
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    • Viz Media attempted this in the mid 2000's by releasing the manga in the United States. Their initial plan was to release the other parts afterwards (though out of order as they were going to release Stone Ocean next) but low sales numbers prevented them from doing so. It wasn't until 2015 when Viz Media would try again but instead chose to start from Phantom Blood but with the JoJonium re-releases.
    • Crunchyroll licensing the anime is what ultimately led to JJBA gaining a large following outside of Japan. There was already a small boost in interest after the 2012 anime and the digital release of Heritage for the Future but this is what ultimately made more people go and check out the 2012 anime and even gain interest in the later parts which would inspire better translations for the manga.
  • Cross-Dressing Voices:
  • Development Hell: The road to the release of the English dub was a rather long one to say the least. While the first three episodes were available dubbed on Crunchyroll shortly in the summer of 2014, it was only a test with no follow-up announced afterward. There was also the matter of the 2012 anime covering Parts 1 & 2 which hadn't been dubbed at that point. Initially it was thought that a full English dub would be released by Warner Brothers after the DVD release of the 2012 anime in 2015 with Tweets by Richard Epcar in early 2016 as well as a dub clip shown at Anime EXPO 2016 suggesting this. Then came the announcement that Viz Media would now be handling the home video releases for the franchise followed by the announcement of a Toonami airing for the 2012 anime that would run from October 2016 through April 2017. Supposedly this pushed the dub's release date even further as at Anime Boston 2017, Viz Media announced that the Stardust Crusaders dub was in production but was still in the early stages. Made worse was that while many were expecting the dub to air on Toonami after the 2012 anime wrapped up that wasn't the case as instead Toonami would air the second season of Attack on Titan in its place. Has finally come to an end however as at Anime EXPO 2017 it was announced that the dub for Stardust Crusaders would begin airing on Toonami on July 29, 2017.
  • Fake Nationality: The anime's English dub averts this by not giving any of the characters accents. They weren't included in the test dub and a clip from the official dub confirmed that neither Joseph nor DIO would be retaining their accents from the Phantom Blood and Battle Tendency dubs. According to Richard Epcar, Bang Zoom had decided to drop the accents to put more ease on the actors.
  • Fan Nickname: Fans often refer to Joseph in this part as "Oldseph" or "Foxy Joseph" since he's now a senior and is also Jotaro's grandfather.
  • Fan Translation: One exists for the SNES RPG.
  • God Never Said That: It's a common misconception that Avdol's death was at one point meant to be permanent, and that Araki changed his mind because of his popularity at the time. However, according to an interview with Araki from the Jojonium release, Araki stated that Avdol was always intended to return, and that he was never very popular in any polls.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: In both the United States and Japan, the original OVA is no longer available on home video. After Egyptian Islamic fundamentalists complained about a scene of DIO reading the Quar'an in the OVA, the original home video release went out of print, leaving the OVA unlicensed in Japan. In the United States, the OVA's original licensor (Super Techno Arts) is no longer in business and seeing as how the OVA is without a distributor in Japan, it is unlikely that an American company like Crunchyroll or Viz Media can ever license rescue the OVAs.
  • No Export for You: The SNES RPG was never given an international release.
  • The Other Darrin:
  • The Other Marty: Patrick Seitz originally provided the voice of Star Platinum in a test dub of the anime before Matt Mercer took over for the official dub.
  • Promoted Fanboy: Both of Jotaro's voice actors in the TV anime were long time fans of the franchise, now voicing one of the titular characters in the series.
  • Relationship Voice Actor:
  • Real Life Writes the Plot: The reason why Stardust Crusaders begins in Japan is due to the fact that Araki's initial vision for Stardust Crusaders was rejected by Shonen Jump for being too removed from Japanese culture. In fact the running joke of Joseph complaining about Japan may be a reference to Araki having to change the nature of his story.
  • Role Reprisal:
    • Sho Hayami returning as Vanilla Ice in the anime is the only time a voice actor who voiced a character in a past installment of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure returned to voice a character in the David Production anime.
    • For the TV anime only Daisuke Ono and Junichi Suwabe returned to voice their roles as Jotaro and Terrence D'Arby respectively from All-Star Battle.
  • Star-Making Role: Kenta Miyake despite having been in the voice acting industry for many years mostly voiced supporting or minor roles in anime. However many new anime fans have come to associate him with Avdol and after voicing him Miyake would get more important anime roles.
  • Trolling Creator: Araki jokingly attempted this with the Sun arc. His intention was to make Arabia Fats and his Stand come off as so powerful that readers would be mislead into thinking it would last for several weeks. In reality Arabia Fats and his Stand are outsmarted fairly easily and have one of the shortest arcs in this part. Averted with the anime where the episode previews outright reveal the fact that it's a one-parter.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Araki had initially wanted Stardust Crusaders to be a modern day retelling of Dracula. However his editors at Shonen Jump felt the series had become too far removed from Japanese culture, with only one of them thinking it was a good idea.
    • Hol Horse was originally going to join the protagonists after Avdol's death. However, Araki came to feel that he was too similar to Polnareff in appearance and personality, and Kakyoin in ability. For these reasons, among others, Hol Horse remained an antagonist.
    • Araki had initially intended for the franchise to only be a trilogy with Stardust Crusaders being the finale. However due to this part being more popular than he expected Araki chose to continue onward.
    • N'Doul was planned to be included as a playable character in the Capcom game but never made it into the final product. Several years later, however, he would be included as a playable character in Eyes of Heaven.
    • Dio's The World was originally gonna be every Tarot-related Stand combined into one, but Araki realized this might be too overpowered. However, traces of this were still seen just before the battle with Gray Fly with Dio using Hermit Purple's ability. As of the JOJO A-GO!GO! art book, Araki set the record straight: the version of Hermit Purple that Dio uses is Jonathan's Stand.
    • After the English dub clip was shown at Anime EXPO 2016, one thing fans noticed was that Joseph lacked his accent from the Part 2 dub. Richard Epcar confirmed that the studio thought of using accents but dropped the idea to make things easier for the voice actors.

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