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Trivia / John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band

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  • Blooper: Over the course of its duration "Working Class Hero" speeds up considerably, probably on account of Lennon not working with a drummer or a click track (and becoming angrier and angrier while he was singing.) To notice this, play the song on an MP3 player until it's about 3/4 over and then go straight back to the beginning.
  • Creator Breakdown: Lennon recorded the album while undergoing primal therapy, a scientifically illegitimate form of therapy that entails reenacting past traumas and venting out the pain of them through nonverbal vocalizations (hence the alternative name of "primal scream therapy"). The influence of the treatment is very much present on the album, which presents a surprisingly personal look into Lennon's own troubled past.
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  • Miscellaneous trivia: The track "Mother" served as the namesake of Shigesato Itoi's critically-acclaimed trilogy of RPGs of the same name; Itoi describes himself as having been moved to tears by the song, being able to relate to Lennon's experiences of growing up without a father.


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