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Trivia / Joe Satriani

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  • He Also Did: Produced the Eyes of Horror EP for Possessed. Larry LaLonde was taking guitar lessons from Joe at that time.
  • Throw It In!: The audio heard in the beginning of the song "Flying in a Blue Dream". According to lore, John Cuniberti heard the TV audio signal coming in on the unshielded amps, and decided to record it rather than have Joe wait until they could do a clean take.
    "Sometimes they act like they still like each other, and sometimes they don't."
  • What Could Have Been: He very nearly officially joined Deep Purple, but contract conflicts prevented him from joining them apart from finishing up a tour after Ritchie Blackmore departed for good in the midst of it.
    • According to Satch himself, "Crowd Chant" (from Super Colossal) was originally going to be titled "Party on the Enterprise", but he couldn't secure a license from CBS/Paramount for the appropriate sound effects.


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