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Trivia / Jet Set Willy

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  • Deliberate Flaw Retcon: the publishers at first claimed that the bugs preventing winning were deliberately inserted to ramp up the difficulty.
  • Referenced by...: Some later videogames include cameos by Willy, including:
    • Daley Thompson's Decathlon: Willy is in the crowd watching the 100m race.
    • The Happiest Days of your Life: One of the objects is "J. S. Midget", an upside-down Willy.
    • Kokotoni Wilf: The level 5 guards are Willys.
  • Urban Legend of Zelda: Jet Set Willy was beset by rumours that you could sail the ship (the rooms "The Bow" and "The Yacht") to an island. The programmers put this feature in, as noted on the main page, in the sequel.

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