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  • Follow the Leader: The series was created in the wake of the Sonic the Hedgehog craze and it takes many cues from it, including the mechanics and having an animal mascot with an attitude. Unlike most other Sonic imitators from the nineties, the Jazz Jackrabbit games curved around these trappings by actually being developed well enough to stand on their own as solid platformers.
  • No Export for You: Two bonus packs, The Secret Files and Christmas Chronicles, both for Jazz 2, were exclusive to Europe until the game was rereleased on
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  • Stillborn Franchise: Epic Games had plans to turn Jazz Jackrabbit into a full-fledged franchise, with an animated television series and a third game that was 3D. The closest that the company ever got to this goal was the second game and the add-ons. Everything else was shelved.
  • The Wiki Rule: The Jazz Jackrabbit Wiki.

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