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Trivia / Jay and Silent Bob Reboot

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  • Actor-Shared Background:
    • Jay's daughter Millennium Faulken (or Milly for short) is played by Harley Quinn Smith, whose given name is also a pop culture reference.
    • Jay mentions Silent Bob having been deemed too fat to fly at some point. This is a reference to the real-life situation Kevin Smith went through with Southwest Airlines a decade prior, before his weight loss.
    • Silent Bob and Milly are vegan. So are Kevin and Harley Quinn Smith in real life.
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  • Acting for Two: Brian O'Halloran appears as Dante Hicks, Grant Hicks and himself. Kevin Smith also appears as himself in addition to portraying Silent Bob. Walt Flanagan also cameos as two versions of himself.
  • Ascended Meme: For years, Kevin Smith's followers have commented that Harley Quinn Smith looks more like Jason Mewes than she does Smith. Smith went along with the joke for this movie, casting her as Jay's daughter.
  • California Doubling: For the first time in a Kevin Smith film, the setting for the Quick Stop was not filmed on location at the actual block of stores, but rather in Louisiana. The production designers managed to find a near-identical block of abandoned storefronts and dressed it up to look like the Quick Stop, much to Kevin Smith's amazement.
  • Casting Gag:
    • Too many DC Comics casting gags to count.
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    • Special note also that the Mooby's manager who sleeps with Silent Bob is Smith's real-life wife Jennifer Schwalbach-Smith. Also it's the first time her character has gotten along with a character played by Smith.
  • Channel Hop: Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back was one of many films Kevin Smith made with Miramax Films. In the eighteen years between that film and this one, Miramax was sold by Disney (mainly to dismantle it) and a decades-long history of sexual abuse and exploitation caught up with co-founder Harvey Weinstein, permanently destroying both his reputation and his second company, The Weinstein Company, who had produced Smith's other films Clerks II and Zack and Miri Make a Porno. As such, Saban Films is distributing this filmnote . Miramax still gets a production credit, however.
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  • Creator Cameo: Producer Jordan Monsanto cameos as the female bailiff in the court scene.
  • Development Gag: During the credits, Brodie mentions his daughter Banner. Said character was supposed to appear in the cancelled Mallrats sequel Mallbrats.
  • Disabled Character, Disabled Actor: Treshelle Edmond, like her character Sopapilla, is deaf.
  • God Does Not Own This World:
    • Despite Smith's confirmation that the lawyer from the beginning of the movie is Brandon St. Randy from Zack and Miri Make a Porno, him not owning it meant he could not explicitly name him in this movie.
    • On the other hand, the same concerns didn't prevent him from including a scene with Loki, the movie Dogma owned by the Weinsteins.
  • Hostility on the Set: Thought not as bad as Strikes Back (see that film's trivia page for more details), Smith and Mewes did have words on the first day of filming because Mewes still hadn't learned his lines. He more than made up for it the next day, having memorized the entire script (not unlike how he'd done on Dogma), much to Smith's surprise.
  • Real-Life Relative
    • Kevin Smith's daughter Harley Quinn as Milly. His wife Jennifer Schwalbach-Smith as a Mooby's manager. Smith's mother Virginia appears as an elderly Bluntman cosplayer.
    • Jason Mewes's real-life daughter, Logan Lee Mewes, as Amy. As for his wife Jordan Monsanto, see Creator Cameo above.
  • Sequel Gap: 18 years between Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back and this film and 13 years between the previous Askewniverse movie, Clerks II, and this one.
  • Serendipity Writes the Plot: Part of the reason Val Kilmer goes without lines is because medical issues were preventing him from speaking, with Kilmer suggesting to Kevin Smith that he could play a "poor cousin of Silent Bob". Smith instead cast him as the actor playing Bluntman, another silent role.
  • Throw It In!:
    • Kevin didn't initially call Ben Affleck to be in the movie since they had grown apart and hadn't spoken almost 10 years. As it happened, Ben was doing a press tour for Triple Frontier when Kevin McCarthy, a reporter for the Fox station in Washington DC, happened to ask him if he was doing anything with Reboot, at which point he confirmed he wasn't - but also expressed interest. Upon learning of this, Jason's wife convinced Kevin to text him. They immediately made plans, with Kevin writing a whole new scene just for Ben. Kevin credits this to greatly improving the movie, as it became the emotional keystone of the film.
    • Val Kilmer and Matt Damon were also unforeseen additions to the movie, the Big-Lipped Alligator Moment of Loki Breaking the Fourth Wall added as a result of Damon not being available until after principal photography wrapped.
  • Wag the Director: Humorous example. When Method Man and Redman arrived for filming, they flew and were thus unable to bring weed. Kevin had to surrender his own stash to meet their demand.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Kevin Smith made arrangements for Snoop Dogg to come make an appearance, including a sponsored deal used to pay for a jet, but the deal ended up falling through. Kevin found a use for the jet days later, after getting in touch with Ben Affleck.
    • Had the Ben Affleck cameo not happened, Jay would have decided to help Milly instead of stopping the movie after seeing a little girl dressed as Chronic.
    • Shan Yu's original target/hostage would have been Stan Lee, who passed away shortly before the movie's production. Smith ended up replacing him with himself.
  • Word of Gay: Kevin Smith has confirmed that Jay's line about "Hulu and hump" was indeed an indication of him and Silent Bob being more than hetero life mates.

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