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  • Big Name Fan: Believe it or not...Mandy Moore.
    • David Tibet of Current 93 is also known to be a massive Jandek fan, owning all of his releases, and was present at Jandek's very first concert (where he was also performing that day).
  • Colbert Bump: Jandek got big profile boosts from being mentioned in Richie Unterberger's book Unknown Legends of Rock'n'Roll, then having an entire chapter devoted to him in Irwin Chusid's Songs in the Key of Z, the book that codified the concept of Outsider Music. Chusid has openly expressed that, while he finds Jandek's artistic profile fascinating, he doesn't like Jandek's music, so Chusid is not very well-liked in the Jandek fandom (but is still important, since he was one of the first people to interview Sterling Smith).
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  • He Also Did: In one of the weirder left turns of his career, the Corwood Representative starred in a short film called kooken—a one-act play, aired on PBS in 2014. It's basically what you'd expect a Jandek movie to be like: Deliberately Monochrome, and extremely cryptic, consisting of the Representative and his frequent musical collaborator Sheila Smith having a long Seinfeldian Conversation.
  • Reclusive Artist: Jandek has been making music since The '70s, yet he only started performing in 2004. On top of that, he only occasionally gives interviews and refuses to give out any personal information.

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