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Trivia / Jamie Bamber

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  • Beauty Inversion: Adama's weight gain at one point on Battlestar Galactica, being slathered with zombie makeup during a guest stint on Ghost Whisperer, yellowed, peeling skin and bulging eyes during a guest stint on House, burn-scarred legs and genitals on The Smoke, getting his ass kicked in Star Trek Continues—he seems to get a kick out of torturing his adoring fans by occasionally playing this out. In fact, he outright stated that the above-mentioned scene in The Smoke is what made him take the part.
  • Fake Nationality:
    • Fake American: Subverted Trope. He's adopted a nearly flawless American accent for most of his US TV appearances but his father being an American explains his ease with adopting the accent and it automatically grants him US citizenship even though he was born in London.
    • Fake Irish: Subverted Trope. He used an Irish brogue on Law And Order: UK, but his mother being from Northern Ireland explains his ease with this as well and like the "American" example, grants him Irish citizenship.
    • Fake Australian as the titular John Doe: Vigilante.
  • Fan Community Nicknames:
    • During his Hornblower career, his fans called themselves Crumpeteers. To explain — his character Archie Kennedy was lovingly nicknamed Crumpet because Archie was so sweet and so hot.
    • A vocal community of his fans call themselves Bamber Bunnies or members of "Team Bamber".
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    • Harkening to his Fanservice reputation, his arms have been referred to as "The Bamberceps".
  • Image Source: For the Shirtless Scene/Live-Action TV page and initially for the Badass Adorable / Live-Action TV page before being replaced.
  • Old Shame: His feelings about the movie Ghost Rig, given his thoroughly embarrassed reaction when it's mentioned to him.
  • Romance on the Set: He met his wife while filming Ghost Rig.
  • What Could Have Been: Auditioned for the role of Ser Jaime Lannister on Game of Thrones.


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