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Trivia / James Tynion IV's Batman

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  • Adored by the Network: The run has a habit of hyping the crap out of any new character introduced — even more than usual for superhero comics — partly due to the accidental success of Punchline.
    • Punchline wasn't really hyped up by DC themselves — it was more of a thing that speculators decided, which caused her first appearances to go up in price. However, DC immediately capitalized on the artificial hype and gave her focus and a backup feature in Joker.
    • Clownhunter was actually hyped up by DC and went on to receive solo stories while other, established Bat-characters languished in comic book limbo.
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    • Ghost-Maker was introduced as being Batman's equal, a former fellow student with Bruce when he was training across the world. Not long after his introduction, he was immediately added to the Bat-Family and then given his own backup in Batman.
    • Miracle Molly is already receiving this treatment being hyped up on covers and solicitations when nothing is known about her other than her design.
  • Post-Script Season: Tynion wasn't intended to be on Batman long-term. He was put on the series to fill some issues while DC sorted out their Generation Five initiative, which would've seen their heroes aged up and Batman replaced by a black successor (it was apparently meant to be Luke Fox) with a series by John Ridley. However, Generation Five was scrapped and reworked into DC Future State, and the positive reception to Tynion's run meant that he was kept on as the main Batman writer.
    • Ironically enough, it eventually turned out that Tynion won't be sticking around for the long-term after all as the writer turned down a three year exclusivity deal from DC Comics in favor of launching new independent works with Substack. This brought his Batman to an early end in November, and as consequence, leaves whatever his original plans for the Bat-Status Quo in What Could Have Been territory.

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