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Trivia / Jack and Jill

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General trivia:

  • Jack and Jill managed to set the record for most amount of Razzies won in a single awards show. It won every single award handed out that ceremony, including Worst Picture of 2011.
  • According to Scott Robinson, former staff member at The Price Is Right, the Big Wheel used in that scene was a duplicate that Sandler's company paid for.
    "One of the ideas for the scene (which they ultimately didn't shoot) was to do something that would have required external modifications to the wheel, which the show wouldn't have wanted to do to its actual game piece."
    "The other reason a duplicate wheel was necessary was that they wanted the wheel to keep spinning once Jill was knocked out. So the duplicate wheel had no braking system built in — once you pulled down on the handles, it just kept spinning and spinning and spinning."

Specific trivia:

  • Box Office Bomb: The film was made on a budget of $79 million, but grossed only $74.1 million domestically and $75.5 million internationally.
  • Playing Their Own Twin: Sandler as Jack and Jill. It "won" him a Razzie for "Worst Actor" and "Worst Actress".
  • Star-Derailing Role:
    • The film became this for Adam Sandler in the long run, as more people caught on to his schtick and many of his films note  have struggled to make money. The fact that it won the most Razzies in a single ceremony and was the subject of a particularly scathing Half in the Bag video detailing Sandler's scam-like laziness only further increased the hate.
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    • It also helped derail the career of co-star Katie Holmes, who also divorced Tom Cruise the next year, and was another major setback for Al Pacino, who has done more minor movies after this.


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