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Trivia / JMS' Spider-Man

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  • Executive Meddling: Joe Quesada had a stronger hand in the direction of this run especially towards the end as JMS has confirmed.
  • Old Shame: Two, which are considered to be among the worst Spider-Man stories and were the direct result of Executive Meddling.
    • JMS was so ashamed of Sins Past that he wanted to Retcon it out of existence. His Creator Cameo at Marvel Comics #1000 "What Do You Regret?" story panel lampshade this. He was later relieved when Nick Spencer's Spider-Man retconned the worst aspects of the story and revealed them to be clones.
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    • He is so ashamed of being forced to write One More Day that he was trying to remove his name from the covers.
  • What Could Have Been: Sins Past. Peter initially was going to be the father of Sarah and Gabriel, but the Marvel execs kiboshed that, stating that Peter having a kid - especially a grown-up one - would make him seem old. It's debatable whether Peter being a "deadbeat dad" (albeit unintentionally) is a good idea, but pretty much everyone, including the author, hated the idea of Gwen having two kids with Norman. It was mercifully retconned 15 years later.


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