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Trivia / It (1927)

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  • Fan Nickname: Clara Bow was nicknamed 'The It Girl', and this took off as a popular slang term that still exists to this day.
  • Missing Episode: The film was considered lost for many years, but a copy was found in the 60s.
  • Product Placement: The Trope Codifier, as Cosmopolitan magazine is featured prominently.
  • The Red Stapler: The movie popularized the term 'It' as an Unusual Euphemism for sex appeal, despite Elinor Glyn insisting that wasn't what 'it' was referring to. The term however was first coined by Rudyard Kipling in his short story Mrs. Bathurst.
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  • Star-Making Role: Clara Bow became a worldwide sensation after this film.
  • What Could Have Been: The protagonist was male in the short story, but Paramount suggested it be changed to a female. The character was first envisioned as an upper-class socialite called Ava Cleveland, before evolving into the working-class Betty Lou.

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