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  • Doing It for the Art: It seemed to be their shtick, they even broke up because they felt they had accomplished everything as a band. That's not even adding to the very complex and in-depth lyrics throughout their albums.
  • In Memoriam: They're doing a one-off reunion performance in October of 2018 as a tribute to the late Caleb Scofield, who tragically died around February of the same year in a car accident. Downplayed through as Caleb was in Aaron's band Old Man Gloom and they're performing under the name "Celestial" (a reference to their debut).
  • Name's the Same: Their name unfortunately got them a storm of hate mail because it's the same letters as the terrorist group Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.
    • Also with the comic book character.
    • And the spy agency in Archer, which dropped the name for that reason.
    • And, y'know, the Goddess Isis.
    • The album name Panopticon now shares the same name with the Austin Lunn project.


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