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Trivia / Invasion of the Bunny Snatchers

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  • Edited for Syndication: Inverted for the versions shown on TV, but the version on the Space Jam 2-Disc Special Edition cuts out every Yosemite Sam scene, thus changing the plot, though his disappearance wouldn't have caused much of a plot hole. What's odd is you can still hear Yosemite Sam's voice when him and all of the other "doppelgangers" are about to be launched in space. The supposed reason behind this is "time allotment", but fortunately, this doesn't affect versions on other home video releases.
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  • Genius Bonus: Nudnik, the planet on which the imposters of Bugs, Elmer, Sam and Daffy were made, is Russian for "boring, pale and shallow", which is indeed what the imposters are thanks to their crude appearance and lack of personality, invoked further by having them just saying their original counterparts' catchphrases on repeat towards the end of the cartoon.

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