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  • Actor Allusion: Jeff Goldblum often mentions a dislike of snakes in his roles. Here though, after Diana she can't stand them, he says "Right now a snake would be reassuring."
    • When he drives away in Jack's car, he says "Banzai."
  • Box Office Bomb: Only made $7.5 million, on a budget that was probably somewhere between $15 and $20 million. Landis attributed it to the darker tone of the film compared to his previous comedies. The negative publicity surrounding him after Twilight Zone: The Movie probably didn't help, nor did the film's February release date.
  • Descended Creator: Although John Landis often makes cameo appearances in his films, his large role came about through necessity: the Persian actors playing the rest of the four bad guys were unfamiliar with the slapstick tradition, and Landis found it easier to direct them through it if he led by example.
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  • Dueling Works: With After Hours, which was released later in 1985 and is a darker East Coast counterpart.
  • He Also Did: Jim Henson's cameo is notable as his only on-screen appearance in a non-Henson-produced film.note 
  • Old Shame: Downplayed with Jeff Goldblum. In the "Ed Okin: Requiem for an Insomniac" retrospective interview shot in 2017 and included on the Blu-Ray release, he explains that (after watching the film for the first time since it was new) he enjoys it and loved working on it, but feels his performance as Ed could have been much better. He chalks this up to being still green as an actor (he'd been in the business for ten-plus years when it was shot but subscribes to his acting teacher Sandy Meisner's opinion that an actor isn't truly one until they've worked at least 20 years) and not having given more thought to his character's backstory/motivations, his then-unfamiliarity with Film Noir and Alfred Hitchcock's body of work meaning he didn't know how to get into the proper spirit of a "funny noir", and his anxiety over playing a lead role in a theatrical film for the first time.
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  • Technology Marches On: Even the uber-rich didn't bother with cellphones in 1985.


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