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Trivia / Insu, the Queen Mother

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  • Acting for Two: Baek Sung-hyun plays both Ui-gyeong and Ui-gyeong's son Jasan/King Seongjong.
  • Completely Different Title: The series has two official English titles: Insu, the Queen Mother and Queen Insunote . The second one is a direct translation of the Korean title. The first one isn't.
  • Role Reprise:
    • Chae Shi-ra also played Insu in the 1998-2000 series The King and the Queen.
    • Chae Sang-woo plays Danjong in this series and in the 2013 film The Face Reader.
  • Time-Shifted Actor:
    • Ham Eun-jung and Chae Shi-ra play Han Jeong/Queen Insu.
    • Choi Won-hong and Baek Sung-hyun play Jasan/King Seongjong.
    • Jin Ji-hee and Jeon Hye-bin play Song-yi/Deposed Queen Yun.
    • Lee Ji-oh and Jang Hui-ung play Prince Wol-san.
    • Lee Wu-ju and Go Yun-hu play Grand Prince Jean.


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