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Trivia / Injun Trouble (1969)

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  • Crossdressing Voices: The female Native American maiden that asks to "Indian wrestle" with Cool Cat is clearly voiced by Larry Storch, whom provided all the voices for this cartoon. The sultry female voice Storch gives the maiden is fairly unconvincing. In prior years they would likely have just grabbed a female studio staffer and stuck her in the recording booth, but by this point the Screen Actors' Guild was cracking down on animation studios having non-actors provide voices.
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  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: Due to its prominent racial humor (the title alone is a red flag) and being produced during the very unpopular Seven Arts era of Looney Tunes (unlike the Censored Eleven which were produced during the Looney Tunes' heyday), this cartoon has yet to see a home video release and is unlikely to get one anytime soon (unless HBO Max streams every Warner Bros cartoon ever made, including the rare and controversial ones). It wasn't even until the 2010s that a copy of the cartoon that didn't have a timecode on the print became easily accessible.
  • Old Shame: Like the rest of the Seven Arts cartoons, Warner Bros. isn't too proud of this one.

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