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For the game:

  • Colbert Bump: Thanks to Pokemon Go, this game's been bumped up enough to get an anime adaptation.
  • Defictionalization: The game's Power Cubes were sorta-kinda defictionalized with a Power Bank.
  • Fan Nickname
    • Players from the in-game factions have nicknames for their opposing numbers: Resistance players refer to the Enlightened as 'Toads', 'Frogs', or 'Kermits', while Enlightened players refer to the Resistance as 'Smurfs'.
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    • An incident where a significant quantity of item-generating passcodes was discovered after the Niantic Labs team partnered with ZipCar was referred to as "Zipcarmageddon".
    • Resonators placed very close to the portal are known as "Rings of Shame" since they can be destroyed more efficiently than if the resonators were spread out. They are also called "Pineapples" or "Campfires".
    • Portals reachable from a player's home are called "couch portals" or just "couch"/"sofa" for short; portals reachable from the workplace are called "desk portals", or "desks".
    • BAF - An enormous field made of links kilometers long, worth massive amounts of Mind Units and requiring lots of transport to set up. Known as "Big Augmented Field", but colloquially called "Big-Ass Field".
  • No Dub for You: Although Ingress is available in multiple languages, only English and Japanese are voiced.
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  • Unintentional Period Piece: On a smaller scale, and it varies by region. The game is old enough that some portals are located at a landmark that no longer exists or has been radically / completely changed or relocated.
  • Why Fandom Can't Have Nice Things: Some owners of physical properties, especially museums, cemetaries, and other places where patrons are expected to be on their best behavior, don't like Ingress players using their property just to play the game, especially if said players are particularly obnoxious. Yes, those owners do contact Niantic about the hassle players cause, and yes Portals from the properties in question can be removed as a result. The problem is generally not as widespread or high in amplitude compared with the playerbase of Pokémon GO, another Niantic GPS-based game (Ingress particularly encourages players to be on their best behavior due to the in-universe explanation that the player is a covert operative), but it still happens.

For the Anime series:


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