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  • What Could Have Been: Weyer notes in a Commentary chapter at the end of the story that he had contemplated making the Ancient One really a disguised Mordo, and thought about having Thanos reactivate Ultron, but decided against both as it would overload the story with villains (and he acknowledged that Ultron would be unlikely to listen to Thanos or his allies and would just start trying to destroy everyone rather than siding with Thanos specifically).
    • Other ideas included having Barry and Nyssa among those "dusted"; Kara rendered powerless but then lifting Thor's hammer to become a Lady Thor; Batman bringing Green Lantern's ring to find a replacement among the Marvel Earth; and Ross trying to arrest all the Avengers at the end only for the President to fire him.
    • In Tomorrow's Guardians, the writer originally planned to have Ultron completely take control of the Kaylons when he arrived in this universe; after the revelation of the Kaylons' true agenda in the Orville two-part "Identity", he adjusted that storyline so that Ultron now prompted them to implement their intended plans of conquest acting on his agenda rather than Ultron taking complete control of them for himself.

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