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Trivia / In the Name of the King

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  • Awesome, Dear Boy: Burt Reynolds took the part so he could play a royal in a fantasy setting.
  • Enforced Method Acting: The "medicine" Merick gives Farmer was actually tea mixed with ketchup. Uwe Boll purposely concocted the mixture to get a disgusted reaction from Jason Statham.
  • Spared by the Cut: The Director's Cut actually shows the fate of Matthew Lillard's charcter, who in the theatrical cut just disappears.
  • Troubled Production:
    • The script was constantly being rewritten well into principal photography to try and avoid comparisons to Lord of the Rings. This led to certain scenes being reshot multiple times to accommodate the new dialogue, which dragged out the shooting schedule longer than necessary.
    • Uwe Boll claimed he had to fire several different CGI providers who had outsourced their jobs to lower-quality studios that worked for less money. Then, one of the VFX supervisors left the production after having a falling out with a colleague, necessitating a last-minute replacement and yet another change in effects houses.
    • During production, Uwe Boll sponsored a charity visit to the set. Guests got to see behind-the-scenes work and proceeds were donated to a children's hospital. Ray Liotta was extremely upset by this irregularity. In future interviews, he would talk about how "crazy" Boll was for allowing so many spectators onto the set.
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    • While filming an outdoor fight scene, Burt Reynolds grew overheated in his armored costume, became unconscious, and fell from the platform on which the duel was being filmed. He ended up missing several days of filming while recuperating.
    • Some of the forest terrain and mountaintops could only be accessed via helicopter, and on a particular foggy day, Uwe Boll and part of his crew were literally stranded on a mountain for over two hours, because the helicopter wouldn't take off.
    • Jason Statham injured a tendon while filming an action scene, meaning the shooting schedule had to be rearranged so that all his major actions scenes would be shot last.
    • The rough cut was apparently so long (reported to be over 3 hours) that Boll considered splitting the film in two and releasing it in multiple installments.
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  • What Could Have Been: Uwe Boll wanted Kevin Costner in the role of Farmer. Costner wasn't interested in filming a large-scale action film and instead offered Boll the opportunity to direct the project he was working on at the time: Mr. Brooks. Boll turned it down.


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