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The Wolford Family + loyal secretary.
  • A good majority of the primary characters in In Darkness I Hide are actually Original Characters owned by other people who gave permission to use them in Dark Flame Wolf's story. Listed below are the characters owned by people other than Dark Flame Wolf:
  • Concept Art: Before the story was even finalized, let alone finished, Dark Flame Wolf had commissioned a variety of pieces depicting ideas and concepts for scenes that were to occur within the fanfic. At the time of writing, however, circumstances with the story and character arcs forced the actual scenes to be quite different than the art that inspired them.
    • One example is the picture Storm Chasing by Melloque. Although it depicts the chase sequence of Murana and the Iron Vulture that occurs at the end of Chapter 19: Day 6, there are several details that are wrong compared to what actually happens in the fanfic. For one, she is chasing the Iron Vulture, not running away from it; second, she is on a motorcycle with Max Thrash and Ronald Latrinae; finally, the other character shapes running alongside her do not appear at all during the chase sequence.
  • The Other Darrin: There were two characters originally used in the story that were later pulled because their original owners withdrew their permission for their use, causing some moderate rewrites.
    • Surrika Tunnah - Is owned by Kagura Nitrogat. The original version of Zoey Javan was a meerkat instead of a mongoose, and was originally going to have a complex side-plot with Murana where she was part of yet another assassin guild keeping watch on the Dark Flame Wolf and monitoring the whole situation. Since Surrika's departure from the story, Zoey's role became far more simplified and her role minimized in the narrative.
    • Hank Buckland - Is owned by The Winter Bunny (TWB). The original version of Ralph Grayz was a horse instead of a wildebeest, and was originally going to have a bit of a minor role regarding the overall story. The only thing Ralph and Hank now share was that they have a wife and were from Bunnyburrow. Ralph gained a disabled son and his role was greatly expanded, ultimately getting an entire day to himself in the story. The biggest difference between the two, based on original notes on the character from TWB, is that Hank would never have had his law-abiding morals bent over the course of the narrative like Ralph does, where he ultimately ends up helping Murana at the end.
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    • Courtney - As some readers have asked, the Courtney that is depicted in the story is NOT the same skunk that Birchly has drawn/created. It is just a coincidence that they share the same name and are both skunks. They are not related in any way, nor one inspiration for the other. The Courtney in In Darkness I Hide is her own entity.


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